Health Benefits of Milk thistle

Milk thistle flower

Milk Thistle has many marvelous healing properties, especially when it comes to detoxifying our body, particularly the liver.

Sylmarin found in Milk Thistle contains silychristin, silydianin and silybin. Several clinical studies support that silymarin has protective properties on our liver by shielding it against common toxins such as carbon tetrachloride, acetaminophen, and alcohol. The bioflavonoid compounds in Milk Thistle can effectively boost cellular growth by stimulating protein synthesis. The Milk Thistle seeds contain betaine hydrochloride that may have a contribution in protecting the liver.

The silymarin found in Milk Thistle can increase the bile solubility, which promotes its flow. This can be very helpful when you want to prevent or treat gall stones. Milk Thistle can cause a noticeable reduction of cholesterol level in the bile.

As silymarin boosts the liver action, fat will be metabolized faster and it is far easier for us to lose weight.

Breast tumor is suspected to be significantly influenced by the estrogen levels in a women’s body. Based on some research, a healthy liver can filter bad forms of estrogen, as a result can significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer.

In women, estrogen and progesterone levels are fluctuating, which increase the probability of various types of cancer in the ovaries and uterus. Milk Thistle can maintain hormonal balance, which can prevent hormone-related diseases.

According to studies, silymarin can inhibit aldose reductase. This enzyme has an important role in sugar deposition on the eyes of people with diabetes, which can prevent eye damage. Milk Thistle can effectively scavenge free radicals and reduce sugar levels in the eyes.

Psoriasis is suspected to happen due to the presence of certain toxins in our bloodstream. There is some evidence to indicate that the link between abnormal liver functions and psoriasis are connected.

Researchers found that a poorly functioning liver may contribute to chronic fatigue syndrome. A damaged liver can increase the chance of infection and the higher level of toxins in our bloodstream.

What Is Milk Thistle?

Milk Thistle is a plant from the Mediterranean. This plant contains a compound called Silymarin, which is used to treat liver disease. Since the discovery of silymarin in milk thistle has been effective in treating many other diseases, it has been cultivated all over the world. It is a popular functional food widely used in the United States and Europe.

Benefits of Milk Thistle That Help Lose Weight

#1. Liver Detoxification

Milk thistle has a strong detoxifying activity, helps regenerate liver cells, eliminates toxins from the body through the liver, and reverses the harm of the use of alcohol. Milk thistle has been recognized as a treatment for various liver diseases, including fatty liver syndrome, drunkenness, jaundice, psoriasis, hepatitis, and others.

Ingredients in milk thistle help boost the immune system, thereby promoting the body's ability to fight off disease. They contribute to stabilizing the cell membrane and control cell function.

Very few people know that effective fat reduction processes need to make significant contributions of the liver. Almost all weight-loss plans neglect the enhancement of liver function. The liver is an important organ in cleansing the blood and converting fat in the body. When the ability to perform this function of the liver is enhanced by silymarin, the fat is metabolized faster, and the goal of weight loss is easily achieved.

#2. Cancer Prevention

Milk thistle can inhibit the growth of metastatic tumors thanks to the antioxidant contained in the silymarin compound. Scientists have conducted experiments on the active ingredient of milk thistle with prostate cancer cells, breast cancer and cervical cancer cells in vitro, all of which showed that the cancerous cells had been inhibited effectively.

#3. Atherosclerosis Treatment

Causes of atherosclerosis are due to the oxidation of LDL cholesterol that forms the plaque that attaches to the artery wall. Milk thistle helps regulate cholesterol levels and cleanse the blood, preventing oxidative damage to artery walls. Also, a study conducted by Chinese and Japanese scientists showed that silymarin in milk thistle protects heart muscle cells.

Obese people usually have high cholesterol that can destroy the body in many ways; especially it is one of the leading causes of coronary heart disease. Therefore, since milk thistle can regulate cholesterol, it can help you lose your weight.

#4. Diabetes Control

The US National Institutes of Health has confirmed that silymarin in milk thistle can control blood glucose, thereby contributing to prevent and control diabetes.

If you have diabetes, accompanied by overweight, weight loss is essential to support diabetes treatment, prevent other illnesses and give you a more well-proportioned body. Thus, milk thistle is a perfectly natural product.

#5. Protect Your Brain

Overweight and obese individuals have a smaller brain volume than those with a healthy weight and are included in the risk group for dementia, including the risk of Alzheimer's.

Dr. Paul M. Thompson, UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, California, said: "That's a big loss of tissue, and it depletes your cognitive reserves, putting you at much greater risk of Alzheimer's and other diseases that attack the brain." This study was published in Human Brain Mapping on August 6, 2009.

Milk thistle contains neuroprotection, and early studies suggest it may be beneficial for multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease. Animal studies have also shown that silymarin can inhibit the formation of beta-protein amyloid (a toxic Alzheimer's-related protein), thereby helping to prevent Alzheimer's disease.

#6. Helps Prevent Gallstones

Do you know that obese people are more prone to suffer from gallstones than others?

Obese people are more likely to develop gallstones than those with a healthy weight. For women, obesity is a risk factor for gallstone progression. Researchers show that if you are overweight, you may have high cholesterol. This leads to the production of bile that contains more cholesterol than the amount cholesterol that your body can decompose. When this happens, gallstones form from excess cholesterol.

Milk thistle helps support the endocrine and digestive system in the production of bile and enzymes, helps cleanse the blood, and can help purify the body, thereby regulating the function of the gallbladder, kidney, and spleen to help prevent gallstone and kidney stones.

#7. Improves Skin Health

Research has shown that phytochemicals found in silymarin of milk thistle efficiently suppress the ultraviolet light that causes oxidation on the skin. Milk thistle is considered an active inhibitor of UV rays that can cause skin diseases such as skin cancer. The application of silymarin found in milk thistle to the skin also reduces skin damage due to radiation therapy in patients treated for cancer.

#8. Against Aging

Antioxidants from milk thistle can slow down the aging process on the skin, reducing the risk of some of the most common and severe disorders in adults including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, kidney, liver damage, aging skin and eye problems.


Using milk thistle may also have side effects, though very rare, including vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, headache, chills, aching joints, loss of consciousness, … In unusual cases, milk thistle can cause allergies, including swelling, rash, urticaria, and shortness of breath.

Silymarin extract from milk thistle may interact with other medications such as schizophrenia medicine, medication for stroke or anesthesia drugs. When faced with the above symptoms, you should stop using milk thistle for at least three days.

Pregnant or nursing mothers should not use milk thistle.

Milk thistle, like any other natural remedy, is not strictly analyzed as strictly as pharmaceutical drugs. Milk thistle is a popular product in pharmacies and is usually sold in capsules, tea, flour, oil extracts or seeds. Although considered a safe, natural treatment, experts still recommend that you should be cautious when using this herb due to the increased amount of medication in the liver.


If you are looking for a natural weight loss product, milk thistle is not a bad one. Since it has so many great benefits for your health, I think you should consider using them. Make sure that you have consulted a doctor before taking any medicine. Safety first!

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