Health Benefits of Celery seeds

Wild celery plants

Celery seed (Apium graveolens) is a natural substance sold in dietary supplement form. Celery seed does not come from the familiar tall green plant that we eat, but rather from an ancestor of that plant, also known as wild celery or smallage.In herbal medicine, celery seed is sometimes used as a diuretic. It also has a long history of use in certain systems of alternative medicine, such as Ayurveda,

1. One of the most important benefits of celery seeds is its cancer fighting ability. It has some active components that are helpful in fighting cancerous tumor such as polyacetylenes and phthalides. Some research indicates that celery seed extract may possess anti-cancer properties. This research includes a rat-based study published in Cancer Letters in 2005, which found that celery seed extract helped thwart the development of liver cancer.Additionally, a study published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention in 2011 found that celery seed extract may help fight stomach cancer. In the study, tests on human cells demonstrated that celery seed extract may inhibit the spread of stomach cancer in part by inducing apoptosis (a type of programmed cell death essential for stopping the proliferation of cancer cells).


2. it helps in managing the blood pressure levels. Having celery seeds everyday helps in promoting good blood pressure levels. Celery seed shows promise in the treatment of high blood pressure, according to a preliminary study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food in 2013. In tests on rats, the study's authors observed that treatment with celery seed extract lowered blood pressure in animals with elevated blood pressure, but had no effect on those with normal blood pressure.

3. It protects as well as reverses the bad effects of acetaminophen on the liver, which is an analgesic.

4. Reduce the cholesterol level.

5. Celery seeds are known to have anti inflammatory agents. Researchers are investigating the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of celery seed, but studies in humans are lacking. For example, a 2017 research review published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine determined that there was enough evidence to suggest celery may have healing effects because of its powerful antioxidant characteristics. Antioxidants that help remove free radicals from the body. But study authors also noted that more studies are needed.Preliminary research also suggests that celery seed may provide benefits in the treatment of certain inflammatory conditions. A 2015 report published in Progress in Drug Research examined the chemical properties of celery seed and determined that it may be a safe treatment for inflammatory conditions including arthritis, ulcers, and other conditions.

6. Celery seeds stimulate the uterus and helps in easing muscle spasms, especially related to the female reproductive system. Celery seeds are helpful in easing menstrual cramps and pains. If women have it on everyday basis then it really eases the symptoms of menstrual discomfort.

7. Celery seeds are diuretic in nature , the health benefits of celery seeds are most importantly helpful in flushing out the uric acid along with urine.

8. As the celery seeds are diuretic in nature, they are recommended to people with kidney stones, water retention, as well as gout. Celery seeds do not permit extra accumulation of uric acid as well as fluids in the human body.

9. Celery seeds are antibiotic as well as antiseptic in nature.  Celery seeds are especially useful in curing infection of the urinary tract. Herbal experts have recommended the consumption of celery seeds to treat bladder ailments, kidney troubles and cystitis.

Possible Side Effects

Although little is known about the safety of long-term or regular use of dietary supplements containing celery seed, there's some concern that this remedy may be harmful to people with kidney inflammation.

In addition, celery seed may interact with a number of medications, including blood-thinning drugs, diuretics, lithium, and thyroid medicine. If you're currently using any of these medications, make sure to consult your physician prior to taking celery seed supplements.

Those with an allergy to celery should avoid celery seed. Allergic reactions may be mild (skin inflammation) but can also become severe, even leading to anaphylaxis.

Celery seed is likely unsafe in pregnant women. According to medical sources, it might make the uterus contract and cause a miscarriage. The safety of celery seed in nursing mothers, children, and those with medical conditions has not been established.

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